Parish History

Moyross has a proud history, and where many individuals have achievedMoyross story so far greatness at a local level
and some have even come to national prominence. As a community people are proud too, of the community spirit and community effort over the years.

In 2012 a book was produced to capture some of the stories of the people of Moyross – Called MOYROSS THE STORY SO FAR. We include some sections of that book here.. Copies of the Book are available by contacting us or check out our shop…








DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE OF MOYROSSVisit to Corpus Christi Parish from The Pope's representative. Photo: Sean Curtin.

At the time of the Census of Population in April 2011 there were 2,183 people living in Moyross – 1,035 males and 1,148 females. The 2011 population of 2,183 in Moyross is less than half of the population of Moyross in 1992 (when it stood at 4,448). The 2011 population is 34.5% less than the population in 2006 (when it stood at 3,486).  for more information read here…